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For Sale:

We will have bucklings and doelings for sale starting in March. Please message us on our facebook page or text us for more info: 508-846-4971


Gala Farm Maine Evie

March 16, 2014



​Blue eyed, Disbudded

2018-bred to Blackstrap Oreo-Kidded with Single Buckling

Back Meadow Farm Starlight

April 19, 2016



Brown eyed, Polled

2018- Bred to India Blue Messi

Photo Credit: WeGoatIt

Sumac Acres Kris A Frilly

March 23, 2016

**Sold- Congrats to Kara Labrie**


Blue eyed, Disbudded, Moonspotted

2017- Single Doe

2018-Twins, Buck and Doe

Channell Homestead Peaches

February 10, 2018

Minihaha Farm Daisy X India Blue Messi

Sold! Congrats to the Enos Dairy Goats!


February 15, 2018

India Blue Messi X Peanut

Sold! Congrats to the Schortmann Family!

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