For Sale:

We currently don't have any for sale, keep checking the website for updates! we are expecting Kids to be born April 2021 that will be for sale.


Gala Farm Maine Evie

March 16, 2014



​Blue eyed, Disbudded

2018-bred to Blackstrap Oreo-Kidded with Single Buckling

Back Meadow Farm Starlight

April 19, 2016



Brown eyed, Polled

2018- Bred to India Blue Messi

Photo Credit: WeGoatIt

Sumac Acres Kris A Frilly

March 23, 2016

**Sold- Congrats to Kara Labrie**


Blue eyed, Disbudded, Moonspotted

2017- Single Doe

2018-Twins, Buck and Doe

Channell Homestead Peaches

February 10, 2018

Minihaha Farm Daisy X India Blue Messi

Sold! Congrats to the Enos Dairy Goats!


February 15, 2018

India Blue Messi X Peanut

Sold! Congrats to the Schortmann Family!

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