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Please message us if you would like to reserve any of the kids from our breeding schedule at the bottom of the page. Reservations are $100 non refundable deposit per goat to put down on a specific breeding, or you can place a free reservation. Paid reservations will take priority over free reservations. All deposits are Non Refundable.

Our Bucklings start at $600 and Doelings start at $800 and go up from there depending on the pairing they are from.

To place a reservation please message us here on the website or on our Facebook Page. If your reservation does not get filled, you are welcome to get on the waiting list for the following year. please contact us to change your reservation as the breeding pairing may be different.

All breeding's and pricing may change at any time. We do give priority to Performance Homes and 4H homes, those who Show, Milk Test, or participate in yearly Linear Appraisal.

We will reach out to you after the kid is born, if you agree to purchase price and want to proceed with the purchase, 50% of the total amount is due within 24 hours. If we do not hear back from you within 24 hours we have the right to move onto the next person on the waiting list. The remaining balance is due in full prior to the kid/goat leaving the property.

We do dam raise our kids, we spend a lot of time with our goats and babies so ensure they are super friendly! In the occasion you would like to purchase a bottle baby and take the kid before weaning age please let us know ahead of time so we can accommodate.

In the event the kid were to get sick or die we will refund your deposit or you may transfer it toward another goat.

Payments accepted: Venmo, PayPal, or Cash in Person. No Checks.

We disbud all our kids unless requested not to, if so then we require full payment of goat upfront. No exceptions. All kids will get CDT and Coccidia Preventative prior to leaving. The earliest you can take you baby goat(s) home is when they turn 8 weeks.

We can only guarantee the health of the goat until it leaves the property. Once the goat leaves the property, we are not responsible for any health issues, or death.

You are welcome to request a CVI before the goat leaves. You will be responsible for all expenses from the CVI from the vet.

We reserve the right to retain any kid born up until it leaves the property.

The Buyer is responsible for all transportation costs including ground transport, (we do not offer air transport) hay, bedding, testing & heath certificates.


We do usually sell a few Adult Does each year if you are interested in any of our adult does please message us wit who you may be interested in to be notified first if we were to choose to sell.

Sales of our Adult Does is the same as the kids, 50% down as a non refundable deposit and the remainder is to be paid in full before or at pickup.

If using a transporter payment needs to be sent before pickup or we will not release the goat to the transporter. Buyer will be responsible for any health testing, CVI, and other expenses or needs for transport.

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